June 25, 2010

Follow Friday #3: Brent Hathaway (@brenthathaway)

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Brent Hathaway


I originally met Brent through my ‘Get Sales over Facebook’ e-course (note, click here to subscribe and get the free eBook, coming out next week). Since then we’ve branched out to Twitter, e-mail and every other channel under the sum. As normal I’ll leave Brent to do his own writeup:

I’m a busy guy, but I love it! I’m a financial advisor with Hub International, and I specialize in individuals and businesses. My job is to make sure people are taken care of, in good times and in bad. My passion is also to create wealth. I do investments, group benefits, life insurance, health insurance and buy-sell agreements with business partners.

My thing is that I really like getting to know people and businesses and seeing if I can help them with something – not necessarily “selling” them something, per se, (which I think people rush to do so), but seeing if I can give them some ideas. Once people get to know you, then they are wanting to do business with you, instead of you trying to push an agenda on a total stranger. I love to get involved with marketing of a business. I really like to see people and businesses succeed.

I’m doing a couple blogs right now which I am really enjoying. One blog covers investments and group benefits, and things like that at http://windsor-financial-advisor-com. I’ve got some great guests lined up for some of the videos. Whenever you’re talking about investments as a financial advisor, there are certain approvals and disclaimers that have to be done before publishing content. That said, compliance has been great on allowing me to getting the content out there in a timely fashion.

However, there is a strong tech-side to me as well. I’ve also taught all the advanced programming and web design courses at St. Clair College in Windsor, including advanced animation. Within these courses we’ve done class projects to redesign various non-profit websites, and have helped them out with social media. I previously worked as a developer and media creation for IT for Ernst and Young.

The second blog at http://brenthathaway.com covers everything else, and for the moment is not a niche blog, but allows me to share some thoughts on mostly tech stuff and music interests.

Some people say I have a slight accent. I originally lived in the US in Ohio and Michigan, and then moved to Canada after getting married about seven years ago. I got my Bachelor’s in Business from University of Toledo, in Ohio, and specialized in IT and Operations Management.

I can be frequently seen on the Hwy 401 travelling back and forth between Toronto and Windsor, similiar to the guy on the horse with the cart of stuff back in the 1800′s I guess!

The other key thing is the “social” in social media – and that’s where alliances really help, and not just online. I’ve got great alliances with Manan Strategy Consultants and (hopefully Alexander doesn’t remove this) (Nope: Plug away Brent). Alexander Blom is also great in this – there’s been many communications back and forth with him. The guy is just very generous with his energy and time, and doing this on his blog as well is a great idea. I want to help him out in any way I can.

Spare time hobbies – writing, music, drums, guitar, and on a clear night, it is inspiring to look through my telescope, and see the big picture.

Contact info: Brent Hathaway, phone 519-919-5520
Twitter: @brenthathaway
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brenthathaway.financial.advisor
Identica: http://identi.ca/brenthathaway
Brightkite: http://brightkite.com/people/BrentHathaway
Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/brenthathaway